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18. juni 2021, Author: Mohammed Elmi

Salaam Alaykom, bismillahir rahmanir Rahim, in the name of Allah, the most merciful.

The land for sale is in a pristine and quiet valley right below the Hargeisa hills. This is an attractive area if you desire closeness to Hargeisa city center, but is also fond of nature, privacy, and agricultural opportunities. Prices start from 3500 dollars for a single plot of 24 x 18 m or 432 m.2 For custom size and price negotiations please get in touch with us at 00 252 + 636 816 968 or write to us at sales@hargeisaview.com

Where is the land for sale?

Primary plots are for sale in the area right behind Kuwait Educational Charity Academy, see the highlighted area marked green on the map. 18×24 m plots are for sale from 3500 USD and 90×48 m plots are for sale from 20 000 USD and upwards depending on view. Contact us today for a custom plan for you. If you are interested in other areas, such as Masalahah or South Hargeisa please inquire us at whatsapp 00 252 + 636 816 968 or by e-mail sales@hargeisaview.com
Land for sale is placed strategically right below the Hargeisa Hills around 2.3 km away from the Hargeisa – Berbera highway and upcoming corridor.

Residents are involved with camel herding, fruits and vegetable cultivation, honey production. Being immediately near the capital city of Hargeisa and a one million people market means owning land on this specific location can help you realize your dream of living in serene natural surroundings and still be only 10 – 15 minutes away from downtown.

Whether you desire to invest in a larger land and bring your agricultural potential to Hargeisa market in a timely manner. Or are longing to finally build your place back home. Let us help you get closer to your dream today.


Landowners and neighbors include notable people such as Abdikarim Eid, CEO of Telesom, former minister of agriculture, and former minister of justice H.E. Aden Dhoolayare, as well as several local and new private diaspora investors from the UK and Scandinavia, and Canada. This is a rare chance to get hold of spacious land in a great neighborhood for either agricultural, camel ranch, property development, or residential use. Hargeisa is moving forward and development is happening fast, make sure to not miss this chance.

Development: The electrical grid was implemented and reached the land in November 2019 to the first villa in the neighborhood built by property developer Aden Ahmed Dhoolayare pictured in the middle here with family and friends in the area with a view towards the majestic Naasa Hablood mountains, a well known and beloved landmark of Hargeisa

Development in the area

The land for sale is situated in immediate nearness to the highly awaited upgrade of Hargeisa – Berbera corridor highway.

This part of Hargeisa has been booming the last few years as the land is in the middle of big developments nearby such as the upcoming Hargeisa five-star hotel built by Telesom founder near the Hargeisa Egal Airport. To the west is the Masalaha neighborhood and to the southwest is the highway that leads you to Hargeisa downtown or northwards to Laas Geel and Berbera. Everything just outside your doorstep.

Community road

A community road is under planning which will connect this area directly to Berbera highway. Please be advised that any road developments normally will induce a significant price increase on lands, as infrastructure is very scarce in Somaliland.

Hargeisa Bypass road

May 2021: H.E President Muse Bihi inaugurated Hargeisa bypass road which is intended to provide an alternative route and minimize traffic jams in the city. The land for sale is situated very close by and will allow future residents to enjoy a fast lane to reach northern and western part of the capital without having to go through the traffic jams in the city center. Hargeisa bypass road is expected to be finalized in 2022.

Rare chance to invest in Hargeisa

For the especially interested, please be advised there have already been several sales in the area and the price development from 2017 – 2019 was 17 000 and 19 000 USD per block to the last documented sale of 33 000 dollars per block in 2019 and 35 000 dollars in April 2021.

Keep in mind that due to different desired topographical traits, a block of land can cost anywhere from 20 000 to 55 000 dollars. You are welcome to negotiate your desired location with us at the price you have in mind. We are also selling smaller land plots from 3500 – 5500 USD pr plot (432 m2 / 4650 square feet) depending on the area and view.

This particular land block in the area was recently bought by a young Somalilander entreprenur from Bristol. The typical size is 90 x 48 m alternatively 1,06 acre or 4320 m2 .

Who can buy land?

We welcome anyone who is harboring a dream to finally invest in real estate in this exciting and growing area of Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. We can help you with legal paperwork and fencing a custom size of your choice, see our contact details on the bottom of the page.

Sold: This property has already been sold and a wall has been set up. Contact us today if you are looking to invest in Hargeisa.

Build Equity for the Future

If you’ve been thinking lately about buying a plot to build your home, then this is a great chance to making that move today for tomorrow. Real estate is considered a hedge against inflation and provides a reliable asset that appreciates in value of over time . We can provide a payment plan for potential buyers, payment is possible through international t/t payment bank wire, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Zaad, and Dahabshiil.

The buying process

Buy land safely through the comfort of your home whether you live in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Scandinavia, UAE, or back home. Talk with us today and let us see if we can help you realize your property dream in Hargeisa.

Contact info

Reach us at sales@hargeisaview.com or by phone at 00 252 + 636 816 968. Feedback and questions are most welcome.

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