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21. juni 2021, Author: Mohammed Elmi

Measure of land for sale

In traditional Somali real estate terms, the largest block of residential land is usually sold in a standardized size of 90 x 48 m which is the equivalent of 1,06-acre, alternatively 0,432 hectares or 4320 m2 of land. Depending on the exact location this will set you back between 20 000 and 55 000 dollars in this area as of 2021. However in comparison to other places in Hargeisa you may expect to pay anywhere between 100 000 and 250 000 dollars for a similar size in for example neighboring Masaalaha.

The Hargeisa hills and its south beacon valley is considered among the last virgin lands near the capital. It is strategic in its nearness to downtown Hargeisa as well as the Berbera highway. And if you desire smaller plots, you may also buy from the developer a single land plot consisting of 432 m2 from 3100 USD, although keep in mind that we strongly recommend a plot size of a minimum of 864 m2 costing from 6200 USD depending on the view and area.

Overview of the area

The prospective area is situated in a valley under the Hargeisa hills. With the most important infrastructure in immediate nearness. The yellow line illustrates a proposed community road that will link up to Hargeisa – Berbera highway. Current landowners in the area are in dialogue with Hargeisa city council.

Available landplots with hilltop view

One of the beneficial factors of being early in an area is the opportunity to select land and the exact location of the plot according to your desire for placement. From the west, the available plots will provide you with a view towards Hargeisa downtown and to the north a panoramic view of Naasa Hablood, the landmark of Hargeisa city.

Peaceful residence with a majestic panorama view

To the north, you will have the Naasa Hablood and the Berbera road seeming far away here, but only 8 – 10 min walking distance! to the west you will see the skyline of evergrowing Hargeisa.

Palm Hargeisa

The first date palm trees were planted in the area in 2017.

Transfer of land ownership

As the developer of the land, we can provide you with the service of finalizing legal paperwork and construction of a walled fence just as the one in this picture.

Financing and purchase

Financing can be agreed upon by monthly installments and transferred through international T/T bank wire, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, or Zaad / Dahabshiil /Worldremit abroad, or in Somaliland. Buying from the developer will allow you to skip the middleman broker, negotiate directly, and gain the lowest price.

Typical size of landplot

Keep in mind that a land size of 90 x 48 m (4320 m2) is usually considered a plot of commercial size either to house several homes or a business. For most people and families it’s often enough to purchase a smaller size such in the area of 30 x 30 m – approximately 900 m2 of land. Which is more than enough to have a large garden, parking spots and a villa as pictured above here. Alternatively, you may go as several co-investors as friends or family and purchase a whole landblock to divide in plots between you. Contact us at the bottom of the page.

Design your Hargeisa villa in the perfect surroundings

Investing in the appropriate land today will give you the assurance to begin planning your dream villa of tomorrow without having to worry about the increasing land prices of Hargeisa.

A home with a farm is the new luxury trend in Hargeisa

First villa in the area built by the developer and family, finished in May 2020.

Camels in your garden?

Camels, a beloved sight to all Somali people.

Invest in enough land from the start and be comfortable in spacious sourroundings

Being an early investor will allow you to purchase the desired size you need of land in the capital region, secure your land today, and plan comfortably for your future without having to compromise later on and paying more money for a smaller plot of land.

Hargeisa Egal International Airport (HGA)

The capital’s main airport is located around 6,5 km away in areal distance from the residential plots. By driving through the Hargeisa South Beacon valley road, you will enter the neighborhood of Calaamadaha in around 10 – 12 min driving on the gravel road. Alternatively, the Berbera-Hargeisa highway is only 4-5 minutes away, and from there will take you straight to the city downtown.

Hello Hargeisa

Hargeisa view from Flydubai 2019. Below is a view of the area.

Hotels and nearby shopping

View from Hargeisa neighborhood of Calaamadaha.

The neighbouring area of Calamadaha and Masalaha sports many new and old classic hotels such as Star Hotel, Adams Inn, Sky hotel as well as the landmark Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa. In addition to the first five-star hotel under construction in the area being built by Telesom founder Abdikarim Eid.  

Hargeisas finest panorama view coming soon

Hargeisas first ever five star hotel is expected to open in the neighboring area in 2021.
If you can’t wait, just across the airport road you will find the traditional and much celebrated Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa.
A few miles in the suburb of the western part of Hargeisa you will find another highly beloved and renowned hotel in Mansoor.

Hargeisa downtown

Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, is a colorful and bustling city that will provide you with almost anything you are in need of, and its less than 15 minutes away by the highway. Visit the great market which is Hargeisa’s centerpiece of old marble. Enjoy a cup of tea from one of the many cafeterias on the streets or take the elevator to the top of the tallest building in the city. The city offers an adventure for every occasion that you desire.

Being the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa has also attracted investments from Somalilanders all over the country and outside as well. The city is believed to be close to one million inhabitants as of 2020. Investing in land has been a highly profitable and beneficial asset for many people whether they’ve been planning to build a business or a home back home, real estate hedges your fortune against inflation, appreciates in value over time and provides physical financial security of ownership.

Berbera corridor

8 th June 2020 Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi opened the first completed 12-kilometer of the highly anticipated Berbera – Hargeisa corridor. The port upgrade and construction of the Berbera highway is a collaborative infrastructure work between the SL government, the government of Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates and its owned port company Dubai Ports World. It is expected to bring in millions of dollars in revenue to the state, create new jobs and opportunities throughout the region.

First 10 km of the new highway that will run straight in front of the residential area.
A South Hargeisa Hills community road connecting the area to the main highway is under planning. Join the neighborhood today before an infrastructural upgrade induces a higher price.

Nature at your doorstep

Should you be tired of the noisy downtown rest assured you can retreat to your residential homestead and enjoy the sound of birds. The area is currently very quiet and in its infancy, this is a great opportunity to purchase and section out a large plot according to your design.

This picture was taken on the land for sale, contact us if you or someone you know desire a tour.

Enjoy fresh caano geel from Maygaagta

Enjoy the wilderness of Maygaagta less than 10 km away, visit a local nomadic family and take home fresh caano geel.
Camel babies born.

Go further and visit ancient Laas Geel

8000 year old paintings in your natural nearness, take the family and drive less than 1 hour northwards and explore the wonder.

Berbera beach is only another 1 hour away from Laas Geel

Whenever you get tired of the bustling city of Hargeisa, jump on the Landcruiser and set course for Berbera which is around 2 hours from the capital. Save 15 – 20 min by travelling from the residential area for sale.

Your all-inclusive property deal

Let us help you with your property of choice, talk with us and pick the desired location for the investment, consult us for a proper walled fencing and color, add planting of date palm trees with the investment or other local varities. Contact us for a tailor made solution secured with legal documents in one final price. Buy land in Hargeisa safely from abroad or let a friend or relative visit us for a tour.
Any questions and feedback are most welcome.

The buying process

Buy land safely through the comfort of your home whether you live in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Scandinavia, UAE, or back home. Talk with us today and let us see if we can help you realize your property dream in Hargeisa.

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