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Sales information

21. juni 2021, Author: Mohammed Elmi

Measure of land for sale In traditional Somali real estate terms, the largest block of residential land is usually sold in a standardized size of 90 x 48 m which is the equivalent of 1,06-acre, alternatively 0,432 hectares or 4320 m2 of land. Depending on the exact location this will set you back between 20 000 […]


Introduction: Buy land in Hargeisa

18. juni 2021, Author: Mohammed Elmi

Salaam Alaykom, bismillahir rahmanir Rahim, in the name of Allah, the most merciful. The land for sale is in a pristine and quiet valley right below the Hargeisa hills. This is an attractive area if you desire closeness to Hargeisa city center, but is also fond of nature, privacy, and agricultural opportunities. Prices start from […]